Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dragoncon 2009, the year of the steampunk explosion!

Dragoncon 2009 has come an gone and it was the best yet. I have been attending since 2001. This was the year steampunk exploded and I predict next year it will be a steampunk convention! The Alternate History track was standing room only for every panel and I certainly hope they plan on a bigger room for 2010. My costuming efforts were well received which made me very happy. I even got compliments on my work from Anthony Daniels (C3PO) and Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh from Battlestar Galactica). Here is a slideshow of the steampunk costumes. It is by no means complete, but I hope you enjoy it. the music is "She Blinded Me with Science" by Thomas Dolby.

I uploaded all of these steampunk pictures and many more of other costumes to my Flickr account.


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