Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meetings and Motivation....

I went to my first meeting of the Triad Electric Vehicle Association (TEVA) today and met a lot of similarly minded people. There was a Tesla there to drool over and an electric go-kart for rides. I had a great time and came home very motivated to work on Murr-E. I cut another half inch out of the rear of the battery opening for comfort/clearance and welded a 3/8" rod across the rear as a stiffener for the remaining sheet metal. I made patches and welded up the openings for the deck height controls since the deck is not used on this project. I hate features that are not used that people point to and ask "What used to go there" oblivious to all the cool things that have been done. I then spent over two hours with a power wire brush cleaning off the rust and emblems seen in the picture in the previous post. The fenders are now ready for fabrication of the mounts and primer/paint.


  1. Hey Stephen - I giggled over the Tesla to drool over comment! Too funny! Momma usually drools over great shoes, jewelry, and or a beautiful beach sunset. I guess that's what makes the world go 'round, huh?

  2. Hah! Different strokes for different folks... My wife has to shame me into buying new shoes and jewelry is right out! Sunsets and mountains are cool, but you can have the beach. I always get sand in my gadgets.