Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I suppose an introduction is in order since this is the first post in my first blog.  I am a mechanical engineer in my 50s, enjoying life, and employed for the moment.  I am an avid tinkerer and enjoy creating things with my mind that I eventually craft with my hands.  I plan to use this blog to chronical some of my projects.  I used to race a Mustang that I am currently planning to convert to an electric vehicle.  I am in the process of converting an ancient Murray riding mower into an electric yard tractor.  I attend sci-fi conventions sometimes dressed as the 3rd Hokage from Naruto, with plans for dressing in steampunk fashion with weapons of my own design.  I drive a remotely controlled Powerwheels vehicle in parades.  These things and more will show up in this blog.  Thanks for stopping by!

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