Sunday, May 24, 2009

Murr-E's Transaxle Exposed...

My machine conscience got the best of me and I decided I better go into the transaxle while I had it out installing new brake pads.  I am glad I did.  Some of the needle bearings were seriously dry and there was some water in the case.  A couple of days of cleanup and it is ready to go back together.  It uses a special bentonite base grease and all that is commonly available is lithium soap grease and the two are NOT compatible.  So I ordered 3 pounds of the stuff from McMaster Carr that will be here next week.

See the attached pic, this is MOST of the parts and I can probably find the rest....Haha


  1. Way cool parts - Momma can't put together anything so that engineering stuff amazes me!!

    Fun visiting with you on the da plane!

  2. Hi! Dropping by via 'The Kitchen'....your creations have me thinking about my son, and things he may end up doing some day. He loves taking things apart to see how they work!

  3. Hello, there. The Kitchen is my adorable cousin in TX, I'm here in DC. Oh lord, hubby will love seing this, can we say Tim the Tool Man