Saturday, May 16, 2009

Murr-E moves under its own power...

After arriving home from the SMARTT Challenge EV Autocross event, I was feeling motivated. The excellent team from McMichael High School won 1st place in their category with their 96V Mustang. It was great to put faces with the names and I learned some things that will come in very handy when I start on Frankenstang such as the issue of clearance from the motor to the steering rack.

I strapped a battery on Murr-E, rolled it out of the shop, hooked up some jumper cables and off we went. I rode it on my knees since I do not have the fenders and seat mounted yet. I cruised to the front yard slowly and set up for a short video which can be found here. I learned during this test that Murr-E on 12V will barely climb a hill even in lower gears. The original plan to use 36V is still in effect.

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